Are Driver-Assist Features Really Safe?


Over the last several years, the total number of available driver-assist features has rapidly grown.

However, Americans are still distrustful of the advanced driving technologies.

When choosing which of these features are worth the add-on costs, it is important to comprehend how driver-assist features really work.

Also, it is important to know how each feature can assist you in avoiding accidents.

Some Drivers Fail to Consider the Limitations of Driver-Assist Technologies

Although driving technologies are rapidly progressing towards fully autonomous cars, the compatibilities are not quite there yet.

A lot of drivers completely overestimate driver-assist features. For instance, only about 20% of drivers with blind spot monitoring were aware that such technologies do not detect other cars passing at high speeds.

As a result of the new technologies, some drivers take up unsafe driving practices. For example, over a quarter of drivers confessed that when using the rear cross-traffic alert feature, they backed up without even looking over their shoulders.

Driver Assistance Technologies Save Lives

Driver-assist features have been shown to keep drivers and their passengers safe.

The features have also increased the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers.

Driver-assist features include a combination of sensors, radar, cameras, and software.

When you are in danger of collision, some driver-assist features are designed to warn you. Other systems are intended to have an immediate response to actively prevent the accident.

According to a recent AAA survey, despite Americans’ fears over automated vehicle technology, most are still willing to take steps to incorporate the technology into their lives.

The National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) has safety-related performance data and provides information regarding how each of the technologies operate.

Additionally, we recommend reviewing your car owner’s manual to learn more about all of the car’s specific safety features and driver-assist features. In order to function properly and save lives, the technology must be used correctly.

Although driver-assist features assist motorists in driving more safely, drivers should not give in to the illusion that these state-of-the-art technologies have made it unnecessary to drive alertly. Always be sure to give your total attention to the road and double check prior to changing lanes or backing up.

As driver-assisted features continue to advance, driving conditions for all drivers, passengers, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians on America’s roads will become safer.

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