Case Results:


1. SETTLED for $1.5 MILLION dollars. Rear-end accident in Virginia Beach with severe property damage. Client had multiple injuries to back and neck and that required multiple surgeries.

2. SETTLED for $250,000 dollars. Client was rear-ended and suffered a severe spinal injury that required one surgery. Client was able to reach 100 percent recovery.


1. SETTLED for $275,000 dollars. Client was a passenger on a motorcycle in Gloucester and was sideswiped. Suffered severe trauma and insurance limits were tendered.

2. SETTLED for $150,000 dollars. Driver of motorcycle from above accident case who suffered broken ribs, but was able to reach 100 percent recovery.


1. MEDIATION/SETTLED for $950,000 dollars. Client was being watched by a Home Healthcare Provider who left the client alone and client almost choked to death and ends up in the ICU before being transferred to a Rehabilitation clinic


1. Virginia Beach Court found for my client in a LEMON LAW case against Eastt Coast Appliance. Purchase was replaced for client.

2. UNLAWFUL DETAINER in Virginia Beach. Case Resolved outside of Court in favor of my client to include free months of rent and damages.

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