Deliveries are Surging Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak—But Drivers Face Serious Risks


The coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting communities throughout the country. As noted by the Virginia Department of Health, a state of emergency has been declared in the Commonwealth and the physical locations of all restaurants have been temporarily closed in an effort to stop the spread of the virus.

A consequence of the restaurant restrictions is that many businesses and consumers are turning to delivery services. The United States Chamber of Commerce reports that food deliveries are up by well over 100 percent when compared to last year. Groceries deliveries are up even more. Delivery drivers are performing a much needed service. Unfortunately, they face real health risks. Here, our Virginia Beach auto accident attorney explains the most important things you need to know about delivery driver accidents.

Car Accidents are Still Happening Every Day in Virginia

It is no surprise that Americans are driving a lot less during the coronavirus outbreak. After all, many businesses are closed and many workers are either handling their duties remotely or have been furloughed for the time being. One of the very few bright sides of the epidemic is that car accidents are down. Dramatically reduced volume means fewer total crashes.

However, sadly, there is early evidence that crash rates are actually up. Streets Blog USA reports that auto accident fatalities are down far less than total traffic volume. This is alarming news for our region’s delivery drivers—many of whom are on the road far more than usual. For delivery drivers, the risk of an accident may now be far greater now than it was before. Of course, beyond that, delivery drivers are also forced to deal with the risk of being exposed to the virus.

Gaps in Insurance Coverage for Many Delivery Drivers

COVID-19 has exposed the challenges that many delivery drivers face in the insurance market. While auto insurance companies are raking in record profits due to decreased driving, many delivery professionals struggle to get affordable coverage for their personal automobile.

Under Virginia law, delivery drivers are required to obtain additional insurance coverage. Most auto insurance companies that operate in the Commonwealth will not cover commercial deliveries under a personal policy—even if the driver is only delivering take-out or groceries.

Delivery Drivers Deserve Full Financial Compensation

Following an accident, negligent defendants must be held accountable. If you are a delivery driver—whether an employee for a company or an independent contractor—you are entitled to financial compensation for the full value of your losses. Unfortunately, navigating the claims process can be difficult. The big insurers are not eager to pay up—and the delivery element has the potential to make things even more challenging. Virginia car accident attorney Scott R. Barney knows how to help injured victims maximize their recovery. Your compensation may include:

Although the COVID-19 outbreak has interrupted many aspects of life, you do not have to wait until the virus is gone to initiate a personal injury claim. At Barney Injury Law, we are able to assist you remotely. Our law firm is operational during the pandemic. Contact us to set up a virtual, comprehensive initial consultation.

Call Our Hampton Roads, VA Car Accident Lawyer for Immediate Assistance

At Barney Injury Law, our Virginia car accident attorney is a skilled, attentive advocate for injured victims. If you or your loved one was injured while making deliveries during the coronavirus outbreak, we can help you get justice and financial compensation. For a no fee, no obligation case evaluation, please contact our legal team today. With an office location in Virginia Beach, we handle nursing home neglect claims throughout Hampton Roads.

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