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For millions of Americans, dog ownership is a deeply rewarding experience, but unfortunately, the popularity of dogs as pets has made dog bites and attacks a serious problem in the United States. In fact, every year, hundreds of thousands of emergency room visits occur because of dog bites. The injuries dog bites can cause are often very serious, not to mention the emotional and psychological harm that can result from such a traumatic injury.

While not all dog attacks occur due to an owner’s negligence, the sad reality is that many do. In these cases, the owner may be held liable for the ensuing consequences the dog bite has on the victim. The dog bite lawyers at Barney Injury Law understand the struggles that dog bite victims often have to face in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake and the Hampton Roads area. If you are a victim of a dog attack in Virginia Beach or the nearby areas, we want to help take action against negligent pet owners and hold them responsible for the crime.


Injuries Resulting from Dog Bites

Dog bites can cause numerous different types of injuries. Some of the most common injuries resulting from a dog bite or attack include:

These and other consequences that can arise from the results of a dog bite should not be the responsibility of the injured party to handle. Instead, the owner, who shoulders much, if not all of this burden, should be held responsible.

If you have been injured as a result of a dog bite, you may be eligible to take legal action against the negligent pet owner. Barney Injury Law is a Virginia Beach dog attack law firm that can address all of your legal concerns while you focus on recovering from your injuries.

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