Head-on Truck Accidents


Head-on accidents involving large trucks, such as 18-wheels, tractor-trailers, and tankers often have severe and permanent consequences for survivors.

In 2015, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), out of all the truck related accidents, approximately 29% of deaths resulted from head-on crashes.

These accidents usually take place when a motorist crosses the median into oncoming traffic. Sleepy and drunk drivers are most likely to cross the median.

Truckers often dominate other vehicles on the road. Some truckers need to drive long distances and work a lot of hours, which causes them to take needless risks like speeding and carry cargo loads that weigh too much.

The aftermath of head-on crashes often result in fatal or debilitating injuries.

Even the toughest passenger vehicles cannot withstand the impact of a head-on truck crash. Semi-trucks often weight around 80,000 pounds.

That is why in most deadly truck crashes, the driver of the other vehicle is the one who suffers the most severe injuries.

Additionally, head-on accidents are more dangerous because of the combined speed of both vehicles.

Common Injuries

Head-on accidents with large trucks are rarely survivable. Victims who survive these dreadful crashes often suffer devastating injuries.

Some commonly occurring injuries from head-on truck collisions include:

After enduring a head-on truck crash, it is important that victims go get checked out by a doctor. You should go to the emergency room immediately after the accident.


Victims of head-on truck crashes may be eligible for compensation for their damages. The damages can be a significant amount of money because a majority of victims experience catastrophic injuries.

Victims can file a lawsuit to recover compensation for the following:

Additionally, when one of the parties acted in a reckless or grossly negligent manner, punitive damages may be an option.

If you lost a close family member in a head-on truck accident, while nothing will bring him or her back, you may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Wrongful death lawsuits give surviving family members monetary compensation for their losses.

To recover damages and compensation in a head-on crash, it is important to show that the truck driver acted in a negligent matter.

In order to show this, the driver must have breached his or her duty of reasonable care.

Accidents involving trucks are typically more complicated than car accidents. Victims of truck accidents usually have to deal with several at-fault parties. Thus, it is important to contact a lawyer immediately after the accident.

Contact a Skilled Head-on Truck Accident Lawyer in Virginia Beach

When you contact the Law Office of Scott R. Barney after a truck accident, our team of highly experienced lawyers will assist you throughout your entire case.

Head-on truck accidents usually result in extensive injuries. Furthermore, the loss of a family member in a truck accident can be particularly devastating. With the expensive medical bills, lost earning and decrease capability of earning, the long-lasting consequences on you and your family can be devastating

The last thing head-on truck accident victims want to worry about is navigating the legal process. Our mission is to help our clients receive every dollar of compensation that they deserve. The Law Office of Scott R. Barney looks forward to helping you get your life back after your horrible truck accident. Do not hesitate to call us now at (757) 296-8343 to discuss your head-on truck accident further.

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