Exploring Mount Trashmore Park: A Natural Oasis in Virginia Beach

Mount Trashmore Park is a picturesque park located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The park is an artificial mountain covering more than 165 acres of land, once an active landfill. The park was created in the 1970s and since become one of the most popular recreational areas in the city. In this article, we will explore the unique features of Mount Trashmore Park and the activities it offers for visitors.

History of Mount Trashmore Park

Mount Trashmore Park was once a landfill that covered 64 acres of land. The dump was active from 1952 to 1978 and had reached its capacity. The city of Virginia Beach purchased the land in 1974 and decided to convert it into a park. The landfill was covered with layers of soil and grass to create a grassy hill that could be used for recreational activities. The park was opened in 1978 and everyone loves it.

Unique Features of Mount Trashmore Park

The Man-made Mountain

The main attraction of Mount Trashmore Park is the artificial mountain that covers 60 feet high. The hill comprises layers of compacted soil and clay covered with grass. The top of the mountain offers a panoramic view of the city and the surrounding area. Visitors & tourists can climb to the top of Mount Trashmore using the paved trail that winds around the hill.

The Lake

The park features a beautiful lake that covers 7 acres of land. The lake is home to various fish species, including bluegill, bass, and catfish. Visitors can fish in the lake or rent paddleboats to explore the water. The lake also has a fountain in the middle, which adds to the park’s beauty.

The Skate Park

Mount Trashmore Park has a skate park that covers 24,000 square feet of land. The skate park is designed for skateboarders, inline skaters, and BMX riders. The park features various ramps, rails, and bowls with different difficulty levels. The skate park is open to the public and is free to use.

The Playground

The park also features a large playground that covers 26,000 square feet of land. The green is designed for children of all ages and features various equipment, including slides, swings, and climbing structures. The playground is surrounded by a fence, making it a safe area for children to play.

The Trails

Mount Trashmore Park has various trails that cover more than 3 miles of land. The courses are paved and wind around the park, offering visitors the opportunity to explore the park’s natural beauty. The trails are perfect for walking, jogging, or biking.

Activities at Mount Trashmore Park


Mount Trashmore Park is an excellent place for a picnic. The park has various picnic areas equipped with grills and tables. Visitors can enjoy a family picnic while enjoying the park’s natural beauty.


The lake at Mount Trashmore Park is an excellent place for fishing. Visitors can fish for bluegill, bass, and catfish in the lake. The park has a fishing pier and a boat rental area, making it easy for visitors to enjoy a day of fishing.


The skate park at Mount Trashmore Park is a popular destination for skateboarders, inline skaters, and BMX riders. The park features various ramps, rails, and bowls with different difficulty levels.


The park’s trails are perfect for hiking, walking, jogging, or biking. 

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