The Five Highest Rated Family Law Firms in Virginia

At Barney Injury Law, we are dedicated to helping anyone who is facing legal issues, even if it is not in the area of personal injury law, which is where we focus. We are happy to refer clients to another legal team when they have matters in criminal law, educational law, or family law. It is for this reason that we have dedicated this blog post to highlighting the law firms and teams that are doing great work in the area of family law right here in Virginia.

Law Office of Simon J. Marle, P.C.

Attorney Simon J. Marle, P.C. has a unique experience with law. Beginning his career in the military in the U.S. Army and U.S. Army Reserves, he noticed something. Military service personnel with legal issues were not exactly treated like people. Instead, they were treated like property of the government, which greatly affected their cases when they ran into legal trouble. He wanted to change all that and so he opened the Law Office of Simon J. Marle, P.C.

Attorney Marle represents clients dealing with criminal matters, and those who encounter family legal issues. He particularly loves taking on “no-win” cases and finding a solution that benefits the entire family, or giving individuals a chance at freedom when they thought they had none. He has earned his reputation as a great trial lawyer and is ready to represent anyone facing litigation.

The Law Office of Simon J. Marle, P.C. is located at 2697 International Parkway right here in Virginia Beach, so reach out if you have a pressing child custody, child support, or divorce issue.

K. Page Kistler, P.C. Family Law

Page Kistler found her calling for family law while working as an associate at the reputable Lee, Levine & Bowser, LLP. It was one of many firms she worked at during her time in Boston, but it was here that she really found her love for helping others in their domestic matters. At K. Page Kistler, P.C. Family Law, she works alongside Meghan Heisterman Wills, who has a Certificate of Concentration in the Practice of Family Law.

Together these two attorneys work side-by-side trying to resolve issues for families as quickly and amicably as possible. They are dedicated to finding solutions for their clients and offer a number of services including uncontested divorces, child support, collaborative law, and adoption. Those looking to create a will or a power of attorney will also find those services offered here. K. Page Kistler, P.C. Family Law is located right in Virginia Beach at 909 First Colonial Road.

Goldblatt, Cohen & Legum, P.C.

At Goldblatt, Cohen & Legum, P.C., they want to make your divorce as easy as possible. They understand the stress divorcees are under, and they just want to help by providing solid and compassionate legal advice that can help families through tough times. Their decades of experience gives them the confidence necessary to go into trial with the knowledge that they will be successful. Even when cases do not go to trial, they stand beside their clients as they explore the route of mediation, and fight just as aggressively for a successful outcome.

Anyone going through a divorce or considering one should know that at Goldblatt, Cohen & Legum, P.C., are attorneys who care. They will listen to you with respect and answer all of your questions with nothing but honesty. They promise to never leave a client wondering about the status of a case because they are not working for you, they are working with you. This dedicated law firm is located at 500 E. Main Street in Norfolk

Foley & Foley

At Foley & Foley, they have over 30 years of combined experience that directly benefits the people they serve. They are committed to bringing transparency and honesty to everything they do in a legal battle, which is something not often seen in divorce cases. They too, place an emphasis on treating every client with compassion, knowing that they are there to lighten the load for clients during a stressful time in their lives, not add to it.

Foley & Foley know the law and they want to help those facing legal issues who might not. By handing over your case, you are assured that a team of experienced professionals are working to get you the best outcome possible. If you live in Norfolk and are facing domestic legal issues, visit them today at 4212 Granby Street.

Livesay & Myers

At Livesay & Myers, they know the law. Better yet, they know the family legal system in Fairfax County where they are based, and throughout all of Northern Virginia. This gives them an advantage as they know how to prepare their clients for court depending on which judge is presiding over the case. This is important in any area of Virginia, but it is particularly important in Fairfax County, a jurisdiction that is known for being especially demanding.

This legal team understands that. They know that in this jurisdiction, there are even rules pertaining to the color of paper on which the courts require pleadings to be submitted. This is important, as attorneys not familiar with the area are often so bogged down trying to learn all the rules, that they cannot possibly focus on the case. If you are in Fairfax, or any part of Northern Virginia, contact them today to learn more about how this talented legal team can help you.

Looking for a Personal Injury Lawyer in Hampton Roads? Look No Further

We are proud to share the same state as so many other great attorneys. However, we still consider ourselves to be the best personal injury attorneys in Virginia Beach.

If you have been injured in an accident and you believe someone else was at fault, call us today at (757) 296-8377 or fill out our online form. We place a focus on personal injury law and can help you understand Virginia’s laws as they apply to your case. We will fight for your rights in court and work hard to help you pursue the compensation you deserve. Do not let anyone else handle your personal injury case. Get in touch with us today.

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