The Highest Rated Business Lawyers in Virginia Beach

Barney Injury Law is a distinguished personal injury law firm. We are devoted to supporting anyone in need of legal assistance. Our firm is happy to refer clients to other legal teams when they have matters relating to business law.

Thus, that we have devoted this post to highlighting the law firms that are doing outstanding work in the area of business law throughout Virginia Beach.

Davis Law, PLC

At Davis Law, PLC, they take on business matters in order to provide clients with a clear path to success. The firm’s lawyers have experience litigating in trial and appellate courts throughout the country.

The firm concentrates on federal and state courts located in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Davis Law, PLC, was established in 2008 with a goal to assist mid-sized businesses manage their litigation matters. The law firm takes a bold approach to advocacy and settlement of multi-million-dollar disputes.

Davis Law, PLC, provides an extensive range of services, including commercial litigation, business law, intellectual property management, government contracting, local counsel and technology law.

If your business needs effective and aggressive representation, contact Davis Law, PLC at (757) 410-2293 or

The Law Firm of Robert Nutt, MBA JD

The Law Firm of Robert Nutt, MBA JD, employs legal expertise and business knowledge to help small business owners flourish in today’s economic climate.

Before becoming a lawyer, Managing Attorney Robert Nutt spent 16 years as a business consultant. Additionally, Robert Nutt has intermediate, think-tank, and Big 5 experience.

The firm assists clients in avoiding legal difficulties through the implementation of established business plans that are supported by the law. Mr. Nutt prides himself on being able to identify legal problems as well as business opportunities.

He practices business law, integrating businesses, relationship, and legal advice in order to safeguard clients.

Whether you are searching for business consulting or legal advice, they are ready and able to assist you. You can reach them at (757) 797-6500 or by sending an email.

Harry Jernigan CPA Attorney, P.C.

Harry Jernigan CPA Attorney, P.C., practices a distinctive mixture of legal and accounting disciplines that allows him to offer a wide array of expertise to clients.

The firm includes a team of experienced professionals, including attorneys, IRS enrolled agents, CPAs, paralegals, and staff accountants.

The firm is distinguished from other practices by its wide range of expertise in legal, business, financial, and accounting matters.

Harry Jernigan CPA Attorney, P.C., has the proficiencies of both a law firm and accounting firm. This allows them to examine any difficulties your business might face from various perspectives in order to reach the right solution.

They will explore all conceivable alternatives and assist with execution of your decisions.

The firm is prepared to resolve your difficulties at any one of their three locations, including Virginia Beach, Richmond, or Newport News. They can be contacted at (757)-490-2200.

Speak with an Expert Virginia Beach Personal Injury Today

Barney Injury Law is proud to assist clients in recommending other experienced attorneys. However, we still believe our firm is the most prestigious personal injury law firm in Virginia Beach.

We place a focus on personal injury law and can help you understand Virginia’s laws as they apply to your case. 

Our personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay no legal fees unless we recover compensation for your injuries.

We will fight for your rights in court and work hard to assist you in pursuing the compensation you deserve. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident and you believe someone else was at fault, call us at (757) 296-7277 or fill out our online form.

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