Virginia Beach Traffic Ticket Lawyer

In many cases receiving a traffic ticket is just an annoying inconvenience.

Unfortunately, a ticket can affect your driver’s license and cause your insurance rates to skyrocket. Getting too many points on your driving record can result in suspension of your driver’s license.

You can fight a traffic ticket in Virginia Beach

There are times where contesting a traffic ticket makes sense. This is especially true if the violation may affect your driver’s license status. If you feel that you have received a ticket that you did not deserve or must fight to preserve your driving record and avoid suspension, it is important to have a qualified Virginia Beach Attorney that understands how the law works.

Citations or traffic tickets are issued in the Commonwealth of Virginia for breaking various violations of traffic law.

In Virginia, there are three types of traffic violations: Strict liability, moving violations, and non-moving citations.

Most traffic tickets in Virginia are issued for what are sometimes called “strict-liability” offenses. In these types of traffic cases, the only thing required to convict a driver of the offense is proof that they committed the act, regardless of any criminal intent.

Some examples of Strict liability traffic offenses include:

In addition to strict liability traffic violations, traffic violations are also classified by whether or not the vehicle was in motion at the type of the incident (moving and non-moving violations).

Some examples of moving violations in Virginia Beach include:

Non-Moving violations include:

When Do You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

If you have been cited for Reckless driving, DUI, or driving on a suspended license or vehicular manslaughter you need the knowledge and experience of a top Virginia Beach Criminal defense lawyer. These are serious charges and having a solid Attorney representing you is very important.

How does the traffic ticket process work?

In Virginia, you have the option to dispute the charges by appearing in court on the day listed on your traffic ticket. You must respond to a citation usually by appearing in court or paying a fine. Failure to respond to a citation can result in a suspended drivers license or a warrant issued for your arrest. Being unable to respond to your court date is not a valid excuse.

Ignoring a traffic ticket can result in further problems and additional costs. By contacting the Law Office of Scott Barney in Virginia Beach, we can help determine the best course of action.

Contact a Virginia Beach Attorney with the experience to help you fight for your rights!

If you’ve received a speeding ticket or another traffic violation and want to determine your next course of action, call the experienced attorneys at the Law Office of Scott Barney at 757-383-7532 for a free consultation.

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