West Point

Virginia Beach’s Inviting Community.


Step into West Point, a friendly and welcoming Virginia Beach, VA neighborhood. With its strong community bonds, convenient positioning, and amenities, West Point provides its residents a delightful and comfortable place to establish roots.


At the heart of West Point lies a deep sense of camaraderie, where neighbors extend a helping hand and build enduring connections. The neighborhood thrives on a calendar filled with regular gatherings and social events, fostering an inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels at home.


Convenience takes center stage in West Point, as it seamlessly grants access to nearby amenities such as shopping centers, dining options, and entertainment venues. Well-connected roadways ensure that commuting becomes a hassle-free experience, linking residents to parts of Virginia Beach and neighboring cities.


Housing choices within West Point cater to an array of preferences and lifestyles. Whether your inclination leans towards a spacious single-family residence, a snug townhouse, or a contemporary condominium, an assortment of options awaits you. This architectural variety contributes to the neighborhood’s undeniable allure.

Families flourish in West Point, benefiting from top-tier schools and proximity to nearby parks and recreational facilities. The neighborhood provides a secure environment for children to thrive academically and in their moments of play and exploration.


For enthusiasts of outdoor activities, West Point offers a treasure trove of options right on its doorstep. Green spaces and parks invite strolls and sports while the surrounding natural areas beckon with opportunities for adventure and discovery.


West Point’s proximity to Virginia Beach’s iconic oceanfront is a bonus. Community centers buzz with programs catering to all ages, ensuring there’s always a supply of exciting endeavors.


Safety reigns supreme in West Point, as active community watch programs contribute to a tranquil atmosphere, affording residents a true sense of security and serenity.

A palpable sense of pride infuses every corner of West Point, visible in the meticulously maintained properties and picturesque landscapes. The neighborhood is a testament to homeowners’ dedication and reverence for their community.


To encapsulate, West Point in Virginia Beach, VA, stands as a beacon of warmth and camaraderie, offering a harmonious blend of community, convenience, and a rich spectrum of amenities. From its friendly atmosphere to diverse housing options and recreational offerings, West Point defines the essence of comfort and enjoyment. Be a part of the inviting tapestry of West Point—a neighborhood that embodies the true meaning of home.


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