When You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Virginia Beach

There may be times when you need the customized services of a Virginia Beach personal injury lawyer, and you didn’t even know you needed them. Visit this link for more information.

Nursing Homes 

Most people don’t realize they have legal recourse when their loved one has been neglected in a nursing home.  They assume that they only have two options:  1. Either remove their loved one from home, or 2. Report the neglect to the nursing home and hope they change their ways. Read about The Importance of Communication in Personal Injury Cases here.

Another Choice 

There is a third choice, and it is a better choice.  Virginia Beach residents should call on the legal expertise of the Barney Injury Law firm and bring a personal injury lawsuit against the nursing home. 

Attorney Scott R. Barney is the one personal injury lawyer that knows how to handle these cases because he has seen so many of them before—bringing suit forces the nursing home to pay attention.  They don’t want the negative publicity, and they don’t want to lose residents.

Help Others

When you bring a highly-skilled personal injury lawyer into the case, you are helping others who might be suffering the same neglect but have been afraid to speak up.