Will a Personal Injury Lawyer Win a Higher Settlement?

Many people think they will save money if they do not hire a personal injury lawyer when they have been injured through no fault of their own. But research shows exactly the opposite effect. Learn information about Virginia Beach, VA.

The Insurance Research Council 

The Insurance Research Council, a private organization, not affiliated with any insurance company, recently conducted studies of settlements in personal injury cases.  They found that people who hired a personal injury lawyer received over three times more than people who tried to negotiate independently. Discover facts about Winning the Proper Compensation for a Personal Injury.

One Important Reason

The preeminent law firm of Barney Injury Law in Virginia Beach can explain why this is true. Attorney Barnet notes that personal injury lawyers spend a great deal of time establishing exactly who was guilty of negligence.  

When a personal injury lawyer identifies more negligent parties, you stand a higher chance of collecting more money.  Examples are an accident caused by a drunk driver.  An experienced personal injury lawyer knows to find the bar that overserved the driver because the bar can be partly at fault.

You can count on a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer to carefully analyze all the facts to help you gain your highest compensation.