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Workers’ compensation cases can include medical expenses, permanent disability or wage replacement. It’s important to file a claim promptly when injured on the job in order to obtain the benefits you deserve.

How does the Workers’ Compensation process in Virginia work?

According to Hampton Roads Virginia workman’s comp rules, if you are injured on the job you must notify your employer within 30 days of the accident.

Your employer must then fill out an accident report, and send it to their insurance company as well as to the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission.

In many cases, the adjuster from the insurance company then reviews the accident – injury report as well as all medical reports associated with your on the job injury. If there are no problems, your claim is accepted and payment for medical bills and compensation for lost salary usually begins.

What should you do when Workers’ Compensation Problems come up?

Unfortunately, problems can come up at almost every stage of your workers’ compensation application process.

The insurance company may deny your claim, by simply saying your injury was not work-related.

In some cases, they may tell you to return to your job before you have fully recovered. When these situations occur you need to find a good workman’s compensation attorney in the Hampton Roads VA area.

Common On the job injuries that can cause problems for applicants:

There are certain injuries and accidents that are more likely to cause the insurance company to raise red flags and deny your claim:

How can Barney Injury Law in Hampton Roads help you?

He will collect evidence to support your claim, and help coordinate communication between all doctors, your employers and workers’ compensation insurance companies to make sure you are getting the proper benefits to fully meet your medical and vocational rehab needs.

If it becomes necessary, he will represent you at formal hearings before the Workers’ Compensation Commission.

Thorough and Compassionate Legal Help With Workers’ Compensation Claims in Virginia Beach

Hiring an experienced attorney to lead you through the entire workers’ compensation process is critical to ensure the success of your claim. If you have been injured on the job, contact Scott R. Barney, Esq. in Hampton Roads VA today.

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Don’t let the insurance company deny your claim or limit your benefits when you are injured on the job! Find out what your rights are and get the full amount of compensation you are owed!

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