Necessary Safety Equipment for Motorcycle Riders


Over the years, attorney Scott R. Barney has seen the catastrophic effects that motorcycle crashes can have on his clients’ lives. After a bad crash, a biker can suffer severe bodily harm or even die, lose valuable wages, and face never-ending medical bills.

At Barney Injury Law, we acknowledge how hard the days, months, and even years after a devastating motorcycle injury can be. Our goal is to allow you to spend your time recovering, while we take care of your legal issues.

Essential Gear for Riders

Motorcycles do not offer any of the same safety features or protections to their riders as cars and trucks. As a result, the chances of a biker being severely injured or killed in an accident are high.

In 2016, the biker fatality rate was roughly 28 times higher than that of other vehicles, per traveled mile.

In order for motorcyclists to increase their probability of preventing a severe bodily injuries or death in the event of a crash, it is highly recommended that they wear ample safety equipment specifically intended to protect bikers.

Below is a list of all essential safety gear riders should own and use:

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