10 Best Questions to Ask A Personal Injury Attorney Before Hiring

10 Best Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer Before Hiring.

Question 1: What are your fees?

Many personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means you won’t have to pay a fee unless you recover monetary damages in your lawsuit. If you recover, the lawyer will typically charge a percentage of the award between 25% and 40%. However, it’s crucial to consider the qualifications of the attorney you hire, as a lower contingency fee does not guarantee their ability to handle your case effectively.

Question 2: If I do not win my case, will I be responsible for any or all case-related costs?

Some personal injury attorneys charge for case-related costs in addition to the contingency fee. Make sure to clarify who will be responsible for these (also known as “out-of-pocket” costs) if your personal injury lawsuit is unsuccessful.

Question 3: Have you tried any personal injury cases similar to mine to juries before?

Refrain from assuming that a personal injury lawyer has experience with cases similar to yours. Inquire about their specific expertise and results in handling similar cases. Hiring a lawyer, like Barney Injury Law who has dealt with many cases like yours increases the chances of a successful outcome.

Question 4: How much time can you devote to my case?

Ensure that the lawyer can allocate sufficient time to your case and will only delay it by simultaneously taking on a few clients. Emphasize the importance of prompt action and ask when your lawsuit will be filed.

Question 5: Typically, how long does it take to resolve a case like mine?

Ask personal injury attorneys for a rough estimate of the time it usually takes to resolve a case similar to yours. While various factors can influence the duration, finding a lawyer committed to resolving your claim as quickly as possible is essential.

Question 6: Will my case go to trial? What is your success rate at trial?

Beware of lawyers who predict an early settlement. A reliable personal injury lawyer should prepare your case as if it will go to trial. This approach equips you with more substantial evidence during settlement negotiations and ensures that your attorney has a proven track record in handling and winning cases before a jury.

Question 7: What is my case worth?

A competent personal injury lawyer should know the potential value of your case. They should be able to explain how various factors, such as discovery, liability, and preexisting medical issues, might impact a settlement offer or verdict.

Question 8: Who will handle my case?

Inquire about the individuals handling different aspects of your case within the firm. Avoid firms that introduce senior partners during the initial consultation but assign less experienced associates to take your case later. Clarify who will be your primary contact and who will supervise any less professional associates involved.

Question 9: What is my role in the lawsuit?

Before hiring a personal injury lawyer, understand your expected role in the lawsuit. Some clients prefer to be highly involved, attending depositions and meetings, while others prefer a more hands-off approach. Ensure that your expectations align with the lawyer’s approach and communication style.

Question 10: Can I speak to a past client?

Request references from the lawyer to speak with past clients. Hearing directly from satisfied former clients (Google Reviews for Scott Barney) can provide insights and help you decide whether you are speaking with the best lawyer for your case. Refrain from relying solely on website copy or promotional materials to give you an accurate representation of the lawyer’s capabilities and client satisfaction.

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  1. Oh, dear. My wife’s office receptionist got hit by a drunk biker while walking by the roadside last weekend. I think she must consult a legal expert to figure out the best action to take moving forward. Besides, you clearly stated that personal injury attorneys would only ask for payments once we’ve won our lawsuit.

  2. I appreciate what you suggested about asking the lawyer for references so that you may contact former clients. You may get knowledge and decide whether you are dealing with the finest attorney for your case by reading reviews left by pleased previous customers (Scott Barney on Google). Given that he had just recently engaged in an automobile accident a few hours earlier, my uncle may use this advice. I’ll give him this piece of advice when I go see him in the hospital later today. Thanks.

  3. My friend was in a car accident last night when she was on her way home from work, and when I visited her in the hospital today, I was informed that her family plans to sue the other party for compensation. It’s good that you mentioned that we should ask the lawyer we are planning to hire if they have handled cases similar to ours before and what the results our since their experience can help increase our chances of a successful outcome. I’ll take note of this while I look for a personal injury lawyer working in Gulfport to recommend to my friend’s family for her case soon.

  4. My friend was involved in a car accident a few days ago because of the other party’s reckless drunk driving, so she plans to file a lawsuit against them and make sure she gets the maximum amount of compensation possible since she had to be hospitalized for her injuries. It’s good that you advised us to make sure we inquire if the lawyer we are considering has handled cases similar to ours in the past since their experience can help increase our chances of a successful outcome. I’ll take note of this while I look for a personal injury lawyer in Lancaster to recommend to my friend for her case soon.

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