North End Beaches in Virginia Beach, VA

The North End Beaches of Virginia Beach, VA are a hidden gem. While they can be seen from the main beaches in Virginia Beach, these beaches have been preserved and protected from development. It is a popular spot for surfers because it offers some of the best waves on the east coast. There is also a long pier that extends into the ocean making this area a great place to watch sunsets! The North End of Virginia Beach is a great place to visit if you’re looking for beaches that are less crowded. The area offers plenty of wide-open spaces, as well as some great views of the ocean. Learn information about Virginia Beach, VA.

There’s also a nice boardwalk that runs through the area, making it perfect for a morning or evening walk. Some of the best beaches in this part of town include First Landing State Park, Sandbridge Beach, and Chesapeake Bay Beach. If you’re looking for something a little more secluded, then I would recommend checking out False Cape State Park. It’s definitely worth spending some time exploring this part of Virginia Beach! North End Beaches in Virginia Beach, VA are among the city’s most popular attractions. North End beaches have something for everyone with amenities available including concessions and swimming during some of the year. Discover facts about Red Wing Park in Virginia Beach, VA.