Multi-Car Pile-Ups: Why You Need an Attorney

Most people think of car accidents involving only two vehicles. But on the highway, many accidents involve several cars, and some particularly deadly accidents can involve dozens of vehicles colliding with each other. These multi-car pile-ups present unique challenges for receiving compensation, and injured victims should reach out to an attorney immediately.

At Barney Injury Law, we can assist clients injured in any type of accident, including multi-car pileups. Please contact our Virginia Beach auto accident lawyer to learn more.

What Causes Pile-Ups?

Pileups invariably start when two vehicles collide. Because traffic is heavy, vehicles behind cannot swerve out of the way. Instead, they either crash into the cars in front of them or end up striking other vehicles when they try to make defensive maneuvers to get out of the way. Quickly, cars are pinballing off each other, and sometimes hundreds of vehicles are ensnared in the chain reaction, which crumpled cars spilling into the grassy median.

What causes that initial collision? It could be many things, including lack of attention, speeding, reckless driving, or failure to use a turn signal or yield. For example, one driver might move to pass and not check their blind spot. Consequently, they crash straight into a vehicle behind them. Within seconds, the cars start piling up.

Unique Legal Challenges Involving Pile-Ups

With so many cars involved and everything happening so quickly, it is often difficult to identify who exactly is at fault for the collision. For example, a vehicle might have crashed into you simply because there wasn’t any time for them to do anything else. Does this make them automatically at fault?

With so many cars involved, drivers invariably start pointing the finger at each other. Untangling liability issues is a monster headache following a freeway pile-up.

Another legal issue involves contributory negligence. Virginia law will not let you obtain compensation if your own negligence contributed in any way to a wreck. Were you checking a text message or looking into the back seat when your car crashed? That might preclude you from obtaining compensation. At a minimum, fighting off accusations that you were negligent can be stressful.

How a Lawyer Will Help

At Barney Injury Law, we immediately get to work trying to understand the pileup. Police and other emergency personnel probably responded to the crash, and there should be police reports or other documents that identify all the vehicles involved.

Coordinating with so many different drivers and their insurers is a full time job. As you struggle to recover from your injuries, you should not be saddled with trying to navigate through the murky maze that is Virginia insurance law. Let us take on that task for you.

We can also pull together a solid defense that you did not contribute to your accident. This might mean going thoroughly through the minutes leading up to the accident and speaking to any passengers in your vehicle to pin down what you were doing in those critical moments.

Obtaining full compensation is a challenge. Often, the pot of money used to pay out claims is not as large as many of us would like. Nevertheless, we will serve as your advocate to demand as much compensation as possible.

Call Our Virginia Beach, VA Car Accident Lawyer

Barney Injury Law is well versed in Virginia traffic accident law, and we always put our knowledge to full use on behalf of our clients. If you were hurt in a pile-up, please schedule an appointment today with Scott Barney today. The less you delay, the greater your chances of success. Our office serves Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, and all of Hampton Roads, VA.

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