Subtle Methods to Help Your Teen Drive Safely

Teenager drivers are more likely to get into accidents than other more experienced drivers. Since teens, are fairly new to driving and have not had their licenses for a significant amount of time, they are more prone to making mistakes. Car crashes are one of the top causes of both fatalities and injuries for teenage drivers across the U.S. and in Virginia. It is crucial that every parent helps his or her teen to drive as safely as possible.


Have Your Teen Practice

One significant difference between adult and teenage drivers is the amount of time spent behind the wheel. Most teen drivers are new to driving. Parents should ensure that their teen receives as much driving practice as possible.

Even if your teen is already a good driver, attending extra driving courses can make him or her even better. You can also take your teen for practice drives. As your teen drives more and develops more confidence, he or she is more likely to fully understand the dangers and great responsibility that come with driving. As your teen devotes additional time to learning from experienced drivers, he or she will gain invaluable insight.

Be Aware of the Risks Other Teens Pose

Studies have shown again and again that teenage drivers typically participate in riskier actions when driving with other teens in the car. The peer pressure to engage in risky behavior becomes worse as more teenage passengers are added to the vehicle

This peer pressure often results in teen drivers performing dangerous tricks, such as hood surfing, ghost riding, social media contests, stunt driving or even drag racing. Most parents have no idea that their teen driver would be involved in such dangerous behavior. Teenage males are much more likely than females to participate in the above-mentioned activities.

Thus, it is important for parents to know their teenagers. Your teen driver should earn your total trust and confidence. Only then should parents permit their teen to have solo driving privileges. Drivers without enough experience who have not shown themselves to be competent and trustworthy should not be allowed to drive late at night, travel on long road trips, or have other teens as passengers.

Talk to Your Teenager

Unfortunately, buckling up is not popular among teenage drivers. According to the NHTSA, in 2016 alone, in roughly 58% of deadly accidents involving teens, drivers and passengers were not buckled up.

In 2016, 32% of deadly crashes with a teen driver had speeding as a factor. Driving over the speed limit can increase the probability of getting into a crash as well as increase the severity of the accident. Most inexperienced teen drivers have not yet developed the skillset to make rapid responses, especially when speeding.

Teens often become easily distracted behind the wheel. Roughly 33% of teens confessed to texting while driving. When trying to avoid an accident, every microsecond counts. Being distracted for even one second could have fatal results.

It is critical for parents to openly talk to their teens about driving safely. Always serve as a positive role model and drive like you would like your teen to drive. By demonstrating that you are a safe driver, your teen is much more likely to drive safely.

Also, be firm with your teen in the event that he or she does something stupid behind the wheel. Your teen should consider driving a privilege and treat it as such.

Finally, do not think that your teen will not get behind the wheel after a few drinks. Always ensure that your teen can call you for a ride if he or she has had anything to drink without worrying about any repercussions.

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